Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What could possibly be better than Starbucks?

FIVEBUCKS COFFEE, where cheap becomes an understatement.

The only coffee vendo that I remember is the Nescafe one and now I'm erasing it from my head because this machine kicks (starbucks) ass.

It's a tiny coffee vending machine that my friend pointed out while we were hanging out with other theater buddies after having dinner at Mister Kebab @ Pearl Drive. 

From afar it would look like a typical and normal vendo machine but look closely and you see the insane ingenuity of our people to redesign (in comedic and humorous ways) and redefine international brands. 

You've got Starbuko as one of the examples. or Poorest Gump. or Bokia Disconnecting People.

We Filipinos have a formula of getting a kick out of anything under the sun.

You have 3 options: Espresso, Capuccino, Hot Chocolate

Walang Caramel Macchiato? -- deins.

Where sosyal meets practical.

You don't need great coffee to wake you up; what you need is something extremely hot -- and one shot of a steaming  cup of fivebucks will burn your tongue and liven your spirit.

The size of the cup is almost similar with what Nescafe gives out during school tours and campus visits, this one is just a little bit taller.

It would be great if they'd brand the coffee cup so that more people will get to know more about it; what they use right now is.... just a cup.

It is just what the doctor ordered. 

(Don't expect too much with regard to taste -- you get what you pay for!)

I've found them already on Facebook: FiveBucks Coffee. Honestly, I would never have imagined that this is actually a franchise! :)

Kudos to the makers of a more pang-masa Starbucks.

Venue: Eskinita along Pearl Drive (beside 7-Eleven and Serendipity Internet Cafe)
Foodie: Linus

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  1. The same vending machine is also found inside Bernardino Hospital, Novaliches (Holy spirit area). Tried the coffee flavored version... Great!